Meet the Cast of BEYOND THE RING

Colin Epstein (Performer)

Colin Epstein is a coach for KAC's Circus Gilly and Spire programs, and performs on the ground and in the air for a number of Bay Area circus, dance, and theater companies. He is thrilled and delighted to share the stage with such a talented and incredible bunch of clowns.

Ross Travis (Performer)

Ross has developed and performed multiple works with Kinetic Arts Productions including SALVAGE (2015), INVERSION (2016) and CIRCUS VERITAS (2017). Ross earned a Theatre Bay Area Awards nomination for Ross was nominated for CIRCUS VERITAS for Outstanding Performance in a Featured Role in a Specialty Performance.  Ross also creates his own work with his company Antic in a Drain, which since 2014 has developed three shows available for booking; The Greatest Monkey Show On Earth, Bucko: Whaleman! and Tempting Fate.  

Lindsey Barrows (Performer)

A Bay Area native, Lindsey grew up performing circus with the Kinetic Arts Center’s youth troupe Circus Spire. She spent four seasons performing with Circus Smirkus, and after graduating from both youth troupes she went on to attend professional programs at the New England Center for Circus Arts and the Sellam Circus School, where she focused on hand balancing.

Julie Rogers (Performer)  

Julie Rogers, 18, has been performing since she was eight years old when she became part of Circus Spire at Kinetic Arts Center (Oakland). She has trained in aerial arts and clown since that time and has been featured in each of the troupe’s annual productions. She performed in Kinetic Arts Productions’ INVERSION (2016) and at various street fairs and special events. 


Slater Penney (Performer)

Slater Penney graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Theatre Arts, trained at the Dell'Arte International School Of Physical Theatre, and continues to specialize in ensemble physical theatre. He's won an Emmy, appeared on TEDx, and toured locally and internationally with award winning devised productions: Lunatique Fantastique, Gamelan X, Naked Empire Bouffon Company, Le Projet Migration, and The Submarine Show. Slater is the Associate Director of the Clown Conservatory at the San Francisco Circus Center, and appears regularly at the Berkeley Rep School of Theatre and the Kinetic Arts Center. Slater performed in INVERSION (2016).


Abigail Baird (Performer)

At the age of 10 Abigail Baird fell off a cliff. True story. That’s why she is so short. This shocking life experience inspired her to unapologetically chase her inspirations, accumulating into the development of Aerial Animation. This theatrical moving picture presentation received international recognition by competed through the semifinals on America's Got Talent in 2014 and La France a un Incroyable Talent in 2017. Abigail appeared in Kinetic Arts Productions' SALVAGE (2015) and has been with Kinetic Arts Center for nine years. Nine is her lucky number. 


Marieke Dailey (Performer)

Marieke Dailey has been performing in circus since she was 11 years old first as a founding member of Circus Spire youth Troupe (2009) at Kinetic Arts Center.  She spent three seasons performing with Circus Smirkus and after graduating from both youth troupes she went on to attend professional programs at the New England Center for Circus Arts and ECQ in Canada.  She is also the founding member of Cirque Us and has performed around the country in various troupes. 

Jaron Hollander (Performer/Director)

Jaron Hollander, Artistic Director and Co- Founder of Kinetic Arts Center, is an East Bay native. Born in Berkeley, the son of a costume set designer, Jaron grew up in the theater with some of his earliest memories being backstage. Jaron studied theater at UCSC and, always hungry for greater expressions of eccentricity, moved on to study physical theatre and clown at the Dell’Arte School and circus arts in San Francisco and New Zealand. Jaron’s international career as an Actor, Clown, Acrobat, Aerialist, Circus Coach and Director now spans more than 30 years. As a performer and director he boasts more than 100 productions around the world with many companies - the most notable being Cirque Du Soleil. As a clown, Jaron is best known for his co-creation with Slater Penney, The Submarine Show, an internationally successful, critically acclaimed, multi award-winning clown show.

BEYOND THE RING Production Staff          

Conceived & Directed by Jaron Hollander

Produced by Victoria Angello

Technical Director: Steven Tiffin

Lighting Designer: Steven Tiffin

Sound Designer: Jaron Hollander

Costume Designer: Kim Haugan-Baker

Set Designer & Scenic Painting Lead: Edgar Martinez Rozo

Assistant Scenic Painters:  Eric Gillet, Bob Loeffler & David Frank

Image Artist: marcel caram

Graphics: Jennifer Wong

Photographer: Eric Gillet/Shoot That Klown

Box Office: Alanna McFall, Cat Silverman, Bae Laurel

Show Technicians:  Cory Couch & Alina Calendario

Lines Coach:  Richard Krzyzanowski

Concessions Manager:  Shawn Walker-Smith

Special Thanks to our wonderful 2015 Indiegogo Supporters -- Your contributions in 2015 are still supporting our shows today.  

Additional Thanks to the wonderful Kinetic Arts Center Staff, Coaches and Crew, in particular Carlo & Orlene Gentile and Bob Loeffler for your help everytime we ask.