In 2015, Kinetic Arts Productions open its first professional production featuring an ensemble cast of circus performers making their home here in the Bay Area.  SALVAGE was the beginning of a new direction of contemporary circus productions - combining live theatre, circus skills, and professionally trained performers and designers in a full-legnth theatre show.  

Some of the proceeds from SALVAGE have been applied to the new production INVERSION (Nov 2016).  We look forward to seeing you at the show.  

Photo Credits


Top Right

Ross Travis and TT Robson (Photo by Shoot That Klown) 


Left (from top to bottom)

Elliott Gittelshon (Photo by Shoot That Klown)

Natalie Rhea (Photo by Shoot That Klown)

Elliott Gittelshon (Photo by Shoot That Klown)

Rachel Strickland (Photo by Shoot That Klown)