Kinetic Arts Productions presents Circus Veritas Featuring the sacred order of the burning pants, circus arts in Oakland, at Kinetic Arts Center, running Nov 4 thru Dec 17

November 4 thru December 17, 2017

“I’m not even sure what a circus is anymore.  .  .  .

What I am sure of is that whatever the circus

is in 2017, Kinetic Arts has found a way

to its slippery soul.”

John Wilkins – KQED Theatre Critic Nov 12, 2017

"Kinetic Arts Productions’s ‘Circus Veritas’ keeps us on edge" 

The Daily California


Kinetic Arts Productions Presents 


Featuring the Sacred Order of the

Burning Pants

November 4 thru December 17, 2017

Enjoy live circus arts performances at Kinetic Arts Center Stage.  

Circus in Oakland - What Could

be Better?