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In the News - BEYOND THE RING: A New Circus Show About Lost Things, an Epic Journey, and the Antics of Clowns 

Ross Travis, Colin Epstein and Abigail Baird in BEYOND THE RING.  A Kinetic Arts Production Running Nov 8 - Dec 8 2019  Photo Credit: John Littell / Haphazard Imagination

Kinetic Arts Productions Presents


Running Nov 8- Dec 8, 2019, at Kinetic Arts Center, Oakland, CA

BEYOND THE RING is a contemporary, professional circus / theatre production created in Oakland, CA for circus goers around the bay. 

Oakland, CA (September 2019) How do you find what you have lost in this big circus world? These eight clowns must go on a journey to find what they have lost.  


Kinetic Arts Productions’ BEYOND THE RING is a world premier contemporary circus performance about lost things, an epic journey, and the antics of clowns. Produced by the Oakland circus company that has been bringing audiences thrilling shows for more than a decade.   Follow the acrobatic agility and physical theater prowess of eight unlikely people, cast together in a journey to find something really important to them.

BEYOND THE RING opens a five-week run on November 8, 2019 in downtown Oakland’s Kinetic Arts Center.  It is recommended for all audiences and performs matinees and evening shows weekends Nov 8 through Dec 8, 2019. 


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News About CIRCUS VERITAS Nov -Dec, 2017


On the Air: Cy and Jamedra’s Do List Picks for Nov. 17, 2017

By Cy Musiker

"Kinetic Arts is mounting its third holiday circus show. It’s a bit smaller and less ambitious than in years past, but just as thrilling and heartwarming. Artistic Director Jaron Hollander’s show this year is called Circus Veritas (or circus of truth) and it’s a kind of a comment on current politics."  Click here for more. 

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  • By Cy Musiker
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Staff Pick

Azucena Rasilla

Nov 14, 2017


CIRCUS VERITAS Featuring the Sacred Order of the Burning Pants 


"Kinetic Arts Center .  .  .  while the location doesn’t necessarily scream Cirque du Soleil, it’s the home of consistently impressive and elaborate circus performances."  Click here for more.



NOVEMBER 12, 2017

In ‘Circus Veritas,’ Sly, Dazzling Deceit

Takes Center Ring

By John Wilkins, Theatre Critic

"I’m not even sure what a circus is anymore. Though they always seem to involve some kind of physical daring and a strange, drifty sense of humor, their snappy one-liners get lost in the big top — or, in the case of the Kinetic Arts’ annual holiday show, Circus Veritas, the rather large warehouse. What I am sure of is that whatever the circus is in 2017, Kinetic Arts has found a way to its slippery soul.

Under Jaron Hollander’s inventive direction, the company’s productions are more about a state of mind than mind-boggling stunts. There are many feats, some of them verging on the spectacular, but they occur in the service of conveying the aspirations and failures of people. We aren’t watching acrobats and contortionists, but vain, silly, headlong characters who fly through the air in nutty poses, and often for all the wrong reasons."

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Eka.Boo.Button performs a very long handstand in 'Circus Veritas' by Kinetic Arts production. (Photo: Eric Gillet)

Frank Conner Ponzi III (Ross Travis) begins a confession session with the cast of ‘Circus Veritas’ produced by Kinetic Arts. (Photo: Eric Gillet)

Emily Rose Phillips & Ross Travis on Pole in Kinetic Arts Productions CIRCUS VERITAS Featuring the Sacred Order of the Burning Pants  Photo Credit: Eric Gillet / ShootThatKlown

FROM The Daily Californian



Kinetic Arts Productions’s ‘Circus Veritas’ keeps

us on edge


"This performance was as entertaining as it was impressive. 

The audience was so enthralled with the raw human strength of the performers that there was little time to think of anything else. The sparse set and costumes enhanced the focus onto the performers, with the most intense acrobatics incorporating a towering pole. Performers would leap onto it, climb up it and interact with other performers on the pole, all while there was no apparent safety net in sight." Click here for more.  to link to the article on line 

INVERSION in the News 



By John Wilkins, DECEMBER 1, 2016

"The show starts with a full cast dance number and when the performers stand before us, you realize that artistic director Jaron Hollander’s notion of the circus is much closer to theater than is Cirque du Soleil’s." Click here for more. to link to the article on KQED.

By Cy Musikar, NOVEMBER 3, 2016


 "Nov. 4–Dec 18: The Kinetic Arts Center is a little circus school in West Oakland, close to the West Oakland BART station, and for the second year in a row — like a scrappy little Cirque du Soleil — they’re putting on a show."  Click here for more.

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- Chloe Veltman, KQED Senior Arts Editor, NOVEMBER 14, 2016

Through Sunday, Dec. 18: Kinetic Arts Productions presents Inversion: Circus Disobedience at Kinetic Arts Center, Oakland                                 See Video Right

"Unlike many other physical circus companies whose main aim is to inspire audiences with feats of physical derring-do — whether that be teetering about on a high-wire or juggling flaming clubs — Oakland’s Kinetic Arts is interested in creating circus that tickles the intellect as much as it inspires awe. Following their 2015 eco-themed show Salvage, the politically-minded circus arts troupe presents a new show about civil disobedience and social justice. The company employs an array of circus skills in this effort, including static trapeze, aerial ropes and tissue (also known as silks), contortion, aerial pole, and acrobatics."

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Kinetic Arts Productions INVERSION runs Nov 5 - Dec 18, 2016, Performers (L to R) TT Robson, Erin $hreader, Photo Credit: (Eric Gillet)

Kinetic Arts Productions Performer Ross Travis,  Oakland  Photo Credit: (Eric Gillet)

Kinetic Arts Productions INVERSION runs Nov 5 - Dec 18, 2016, Performers (Top - Bottom) TT Robson, Julie Rogers, Lillian Ferreira, Photo Credit: (Eric Gillet)

Here is what was said about SALVAGE (2015)

"It’s a mixture of humor and some really deep introspective questions."

Phoenix Paz - Guest Artist on Sights & Sounds Sights and Sounds on KALW Weekly: 12/10/15

A weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene through the eyes and ears of local artists.  



"Despite that rather dark premise, and the show’s inventively dirty costumes and destroyed-world set, Salvage is an uplifting show — a testament to resilience of the human spirit, and especially, to the jaw-dropping abilities of the human body, displayed here by eight extraordinarily talented performers." 

Mark Rudio, A BEAST IN A JUNGLE, December 5, 2015

San Francisco Performing Arts, Culture Calendar & Reviews


"Yet in their dramatic, new production, Circus Beyond the Ring and the Kinetic Arts Center in Oakland seek to defy the art form’s usual focus on the flighty and fancy-free, opting instead to present visions of survivors on the precipice of calamity, fighting to prevent themselves from tumbling into the abyss."


- Chloe Veltman, KQED The Do List, Nov 9, 2015


Cy Musikar: "And I’m shouting it out for ‘Salvage’ — a little punk circus show at Kinetic Arts in West Oakland with exceptional acrobatics and clowning that runs throughDec 20." 

KQED's The Do List, Nov 19, 2015 to hear the complete podcast.