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Kinetic Arts Productions embraces a circus while providing classic clownery

It’s hard to bestow a concrete definition on “Beyond the Ring,” because it traverses seamlessly through areas of performance art, improvisation, acrobatics and dance.  Nov 15th(463 kB)

BEYOND THE RING is a contemporary circus performance about lost things, an epic journey and the antics of clowns. Produced by Kinetic Arts Productions, the Oakland circus company that has been bringing audiences thrilling shows for more than a decade.   


Follow the aerial adventures and physical theater journeys of eight unlikely people who lose something precious and the bumps along the way to finding it. 

BEYOND THE RING is a world-premier circus show and appropriate for all ages.

“I’m not even sure what a circus is anymore.  .  .  .

What I am sure of is that whatever the circus

is in 2017, Kinetic Arts has found a way

to its slippery soul.”

John Wilkins – KQED Theatre Critic

Nov 12, 2017

"Kinetic Arts Productions’s ‘Circus Veritas’ keeps us on edge" 

The Daily California


Kinetic Arts Productions



a World-Premier Contemporary

Circus Show about Lost things, an Epic Journey, and the Antics of Clowns.

Nov 8 Thru December 8, 2019

Enjoy live circus arts performances

at Kinetic Arts Center Stage.  

Circus in Oakland - What Could

be Better?